I love capturing emotive imagery and telling powerful stories. It's a privilege to share these intimate moments of people's lives and it's what I love most about my job.

I'm a cameraman specialising in documentaries, working with major UK broadcasters and production companies. I have a discreet and personal approach to filming with sensitive subjects and I adapt well to changing environments. Whether human interest, science or investigative stories, I bring an eye for detail to my images.

I'm equally comfortable up a tree in the cloud forest of Ecuador as I am having a cup of tea in a living room in the UK. With an eye for detail, I work quickly and intuitively in challenging and often changing environments, composing beautiful well-crafted images.  

I enjoy working with directors to visualise their ideas, filming both new talent and seasoned presenters, I'm comfortable directing action and operating sound as a one-man-band.

I live in London with bases in the North. I hold a valid I-Visa for filming in the U.S, and have extensive experience of shooting all over the globe. I speak conversational Spanish and basic Mandarin.